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VIBRA Fest – Saturday 27 / Sunday 28 june 2015 – Multisala Florida, Ghedi (Bs)

VIBRA 2015Capture your Imagination / 27 – 28 giugno 2015 – Multisala Florida, Ghedi (Bs)

Music / Art / Technology / Showcase / Craftwork  —–  We Are VIBRA!

VIBRA is an event linked to contemporary art, music, education and new trends in general, connecting various artists with the aim of making “vibrate” different disciplines in the name of creativity.


The main purpose of this event is to spread culture on Lake Garda and surroundings. VIBRA aims to become a Festival to promote the best national offers, to make the province of Brescia and Lake Garda one of the most important cultural promoters of the Country.


In VIBRA find their place all the forms of artistic, cultural and educational expressions that contain the fundamental elements to characterize the “unique” and non-serial production, and to sustain curiosity, energy and imagination for the nourishment of knowledge (and awareness).


The common thread of VIBRA is interaction. Interaction between music, videos, brushes, spray, lighting, words, colours, textiles, motions and material to produce a unique and synergic artistic movement, ready to interact with the audience to transfer it to a new emotional and sensory experience.


The event will mainly be divided into 4 areas of interest.

– Musical (dj Set, Live Set, Instrumental, Showcase)

– Visual (contemporary art and live performance videos)

– Handcrafting (contemporary market)


This distinction is necessary to organize the artistic line-up from a beginning to an end, not forgetting though that the concept of VIBRA is to give dynamism and interaction to the event. On the one side the same areas of interest will blend together, on the other side the interaction with the public will make our interlocutor an active part in the development of this concept.



The artists who will be involved in VIBRA embrace all the disciplines and branches of contemporary, musical , showcase, performance, digital and handcrafted art.


Visual Art

Regarding Visual Art we will give expression to street art, graphic, fashion and accessories, illustration, architecture, design, photography, sculpture, painting, performance, etc., considering that nowadays many artistic disciplines strictly interact with each other, giving life to the “Crossover” concept that occurs when one artistic discipline gets into another one. Photography into video, sculpture into installations, graphic into fashion, etc.

The concept of “live video performance” has been representing for years a very important aspect in the main Italian and international capital cities, but in our area it is still a totally unexplored and innovative concept.

This is the reason why also the Vjing world will be an integral part of this event, supporting music during the night through video performances on panels or architectural surfaces, which are part of the structure of the location we chose (video mapping) .



As for Visual Art, also music can offer many interesting propositions in the electronic and instrumental areas: from jazz to Dj/Live electronic music sets, from indie to dub, from trip-hop to reggae, considering that in the same dj or live electronic music sets the artists will bring in innumerable subgenres , from minimal house to tech house, from deep techno to break beat.
These musical genres will be in turn flanked by sax, percussions and any other instrument depending on the artists involved.
Nowadays also in the music field it is valid the “crossover” concept as for Visual Arts. Many electronic and instrumental genres are more and more frequently related to each other, thanks to the new technologies which allow a new interesting fusion regarding the experimentation of sound.


Contemporary Market

The contemporary market in VIBRA is thought to give the possibility to designers, artisans, stylists, publishing houses and aesthetes at 360 degrees of selling their products during the event.
Everything representing to us a valiant and original“product”will be exhibited during this happening, in order to confute the concept of “unaffordable art”and make the small scale production economically accessible.


Date: saturday 27 / sunday 28 june 2015

Time: from 11.00 A.M. till 4.00 A.M.

Where: Multisala Florida, Ghedi (Bs)

Web Site: www.vibrafest.it

Ticket: www.vibrafest.it/2015/ticket

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