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social media temporary tattoos by john yuyi

john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-02 john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-03 john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-011 john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-010 john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-09 john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-07 john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-06 john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-05 john-yuyi-social-media-tattoo-designboom-04

john yuyi, a taiwanese-born, new york-based artist, emphasizes our obsession with social media by affixing digital symbols to the human body as temporary tattoos.


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